A Wonderful Curse: History of The Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Today’s Graphical User Interfaces have a dirty little secret.

As AI, Virtual Reality, and ubiquitous computing are reshaping the realms of design and engineering, it’s crucial to delve into the origins of the graphical user interface (GUI) and uncover its deeper layers. It’s time to step away from design tools, methods, windows and buttons and dive a bit into where all this came from, what we have today, and what we’ve lost along the way.

This video is my personal exploration into the GUI’s history, focusing on its complexities, marvels, and contradictions.

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“Nothing in this book is known to be true. It’s a reflection on what I’ve noticed— Not facts so much as thoughts. Some ideas may resonate, others may not. A few may awaken an inner knowing you forgot you had. Use what’s helpful. Let go of the rest.” The Creative Act, Rick Rubin

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